Eskalya Baronial Investiture

Bjarni and Annora, Seventh Baron and Baroness of Eskalya invite all to attend the investiture of the heirs to the Baronial Coronets, Breock of Whitby and Margaret Anne of Somerset. Join with the Barony of Eskalya as we help Bjarni and Annora prepare their longboat to answer the call of the sea.

The day will be filled with tournaments, feasting and much storytelling. Tournaments to choose the next Baronial Rapier Champion and Baroness's Champion will be held. Margaret Anne of Somerset wishes it to be known that the Baroness's Champion tourney will be open to all heavy fighters who wish to enter and who can fulfill the duty of defending Her Excelllency should the need arise.

Saturday's festivities will be held at St. Mary's Episcopal Chruch on the southwest corner of the intersection of Tudor and Lake Otis in Anchorage. Site will open at 11 am and close at 9 pm. Sunday's festivities will be held at the home Mistress Anne of Bradford 7325 Madelynne Drive (Call for directions). Site will open at noon and close at 5 pm. The Baronial Rapier Champion Tourney will be held on Sunday as well as a Baroness's Tea.

Reservations for feast must be received by October 19, 2006. Pre-payment is requested but not required.
Site Fee:
$15.00: 12 – Adult
$ 7.00: 3 - 11 years old
Family Rate Please contact Mistress Clare Elena de Montfort, co-autocrat

Directions to St. Mary's: Driving east on Tudor, the driveway to St. Mary's church is on the right before the Lake Otis intersection. Driving west on Tudor, turn left on Lake Otis, the drive to St. Mary's will be the first right. Driving south on Lake Otis, cross Tudor; the drive to St. Mary's will be the first right.

Autocrats: Mistress Clare Elena de Montfort and Dame Elspeth Bouchannane of Loch Lomand.

Arts & Sciences Contest & Display Contact: Dame Elspeth Bouchannane of Loch Lomand Reservation Contact: Mistress Clare Elena de Montfort (Kerri Geppert) Location:
Barony of Eskalya (Anchorage, Alaska)