Gabriel Luvedey and Avin Wulfrun New Heirs to the Principality of the Summits

Finngall McKetterick reports that Gabriel Luvedey was victorious in the recent Coronet Tournament in An Tir's Principality of the Summits. The Tourney was held in Glyn Dwfn with a field of 33 fighters.

Gabriel Luvedey, fighting for Avin Wulfrun, defeated Sir Roland von Bern, inspired by Emma von Bern. Sir Roland was the winner of the Gryphon's Sword while the "Summits Shield of Chivalry was awarded to Brutus Salomon, Baron of Adiantum, for his exemplary chivalry in the Coronet Lists."

Installation of their Excellencies will take place December 9 in the Shire of Myrtleholt.


Minor Corections

The list for the turnout was only 23, but still a Summits record.

Vanyev, Autocrat for the event.