Triumphe of the Eclipse

To the atrophying affects of time some may wonder what we mean by Triumphe. The Grand Universities at Oxford have recorded for us the following meanings that we are applying. As the day ends, we ask that you join us for the Triumphe of our Champions and our own and hear the honor and glory of those who have championed us in the past as a new Order comes about. In honor of our current Guardian, who will be the last of the Old Order, Mushir Mahdi, many of the festivities, including the feast will have a Moorish flair to them.

Site is Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp in Cleveland Oklahoma.

Site opens at 4pm Friday afternoon, and closes at 3pm Sunday. The site has flush toilets, and showers. Note that the area is currently under burn ban, so fire pits will not be allowed. Thank you.

Site fees: $9 for adults, $6 for children 6-12, and children 5 and under are free. Family maximum $30 ($3 NMS where applicable). Feast Fee: $8 (Children 5 and under free) Make checks payable to: SCA Inc., Province of Mooneschadowe.

MERCHANTS! We still have plenty of merchanting space available. If you are interested, please contact Liliana Byrnes at as soon as possible.

*There will be a Laurel's Circle held on Saturday*

4pm Site Opens
9:30pm Rapier Inspection (good for entire event)
10pm Rapier Fighting - torchlight tournament
11pm Chivalric Fighting - torchlight round-robin bastard sword tournament

8:30am Chivalric Inspections and Tourney sign-in begins
9:00am Chivalric Authorizations, Marksman Competition, Arts and Sciences Set-up Begins
10:00 am Guardian of the Eclipse List Begins - swiss five followed by a single elimination tournament
10:30am Archery- Arrow and Bow Inspection
11am-1pm Archery- Royal Round, Arts and Sciences Competition Begins
1:00 pm Rapier Duels (near archery field), Chivalric List Completes
1:15pm Children's Minstrel Competition
2:00pm Minstrel Competition, Chess Competition, Archery- Yeoman Competition
4:00pm Raffle, Arts and Sciences displays picked-up
Feast - 2 hours before court
Court - at their Majesties' discretion
After Court: Live Chess - Final Round of Competition
Dancing in the Hall (European 'and' Middle Eastern)

8:30am Newcomers Chivalric Tournament, Youth Rapier Tournament, Rapier Inspection
9am Unreal Tournament Sign-up, Rapier Snowball Melees begin
10am Unreal Tournament begins
Sunday Court - at their Majesties' discretion
3pm Site Closes

RAFFLE - Help us raise funds to purchase additional pavilions. Raffle tickets may be purchased for $1 each. Ticket sales will begin at the opening of gate on Friday evening and end thirty minutes prior to the drawing on Saturday. Tickets will be sold at the Main Hall during peak times or by seeking Lady Sabine Lefevre. Each ticket purchased enters the gentle in a chance to pick an item from those donated. Items donated to the raffle will be on display in the Main Hall on Saturday. The drawing will be held in the Main Hall at or near the time designated in the event flyer. All purchased tickets will be placed in a large container, shuffled, and then randomly drawn until all items have been distributed. Several nice items have already been donated, don't miss the opportunity for a chance to increase your hoard.

PROVINCIAL PUN/JOKE CONTEST- Help us add some pun-ash to this weekend. There will be a box set up in the hall to accept contributions to this cause. Write your provincial pun or joke on a slip of paper with your name and group and drop it into the box before 7 am Sunday morning. Those with the best/worst puns will be recognized at the Sunday court.

BEST RELIGIOUS-THEMED ITEM A&S COMPETITION - This is seperate from the Artisan of the Eclipse competition. Please bring your favorite religious-themed A&S project!


Site Directions
From I-35: take the Cimarron Turnpike / U.S. 412 East towards Tulsa. Take 99 North. Take 64 East. Look for the Will Rogers Boy Scout Reservation sign. Entrance will be on your left. From Tulsa/ U.S. 412 going West: On 412 going West, at the Cleveland (last toll-free exit) exit, take 64 West towards Cleveland. Once you arrive in town, continue to follow the 64 signs westward. Look for the Will Rogers entrance on your right roughly about four miles outside of town. Location:
Province of Mooneschadowe (Cleveland, Oklahoma)