Luck of the Gypsies

Our event is a celebration of the way of the Romani life. Your goal at this event is to gain as much luck as you can by following the Romani way. Upon your arrival at the event, you will be given a token bag with beads. These beads symbolize good luck, but like all the Romani you must guard your luck carefully. A small group of Romani will be wandering the site. If you commit an act of bad luck, you will be asked to turn over one bead. If you are spotted doing something that will gain you luck, you may be given a bead. So pay attention!

Site Opens: September 22 (Friday) at 5 pm with the event running until Sunday
Site Closes: September 24 (Sunday) at noon - feel free to help us clean up
Site is Located: At Camp Hitaga, 5551 Hitaga Rd, Walker IA - our usual fabulous fall event site!

Event Steward: Kocho the Lost of the Lovara Tribe (

Site Fee:
Adults $5.00
Youth (13-17) $4.00
Children (5-12) $3.00
Under 5 - Free
$3 nonmember fee

Adult (13 and up) $8.00
Children (6-12) $5.00
Under 5 - Free (there is a children's feast available)

Special concerns should be directed to Ly Anne of Walnut Grove (

Cabin Fees: Each cabin sleeps 8, cost is $30.00 - contact Ly Mairi Rose ( Tent camping is free!!

Make checks payable to: SCA Inc, Shire of Deodar

Showers and restrooms available

Directions to Camp Hitaga:
Take your best route to I-380. Look for the Toddville exit (about 10 miles north of Cedar Rapids) and take it when you find it. Go east on County Home Road (that's right from the south, left from the north), until you come to a 4 way stop (about 3 miles) where you will turn LEFT (north). Drive through Alburnett and continue north for about 3 miles. Go straight at the stop sign and look for the Camp Hitaga sign just north of this intersection - you will continue north for about another 2 miles. Turn LEFT at the "Camp Hitaga" sign as directed, then turn RIGHT on Camp Hitaga Road. Location:
Shire of Deodar (Walker, Iowa)