Harvest Court

On Oct. 31, A.S. XX, the branch called Sentinels’ Keep was founded, in the Region of Artemisia. Since then we have grown, from incipient Shire to Barony. Many of our founding folk have wandered away, but many more have come to take their places. Now Sentinels’ Keep invites her many friends from near and far to help us celebrate 20 years of our existence, on October 21. (This year we’re half as old as the Society!)

If you ever lived here, we especially invite you to come; former Barons and Baronesses are especially invited, as are our early Armigers. There will be something for everyone. For the fighters, this is the time of our Defender’s Tourney, when the next Baronial Champion will be chosen.

Open to all non-belted fighters, this will be a 3-round tournament: sword & shield, then spear over barrier (gauntlets required), with 3rd round weapons chosen by Their Excellencies of Sentinels’ Keep. Each fighter must have a herald, as at this year’s Uprising. Each fighter must be warranted in the appropriate weapon styles. The Champion must be a resident of our Barony and plan to stay here for the next year. Knights are invited to test the Champion following this tourney. A separate Valhalla tournament, open to all, will determine the next Defender of the North, according to Baron Thorwulf, of Avacal, the current Defender.

We invite players from our early years to come and display some of their first attempts at garb, heraldry, or another art or science -- side by side with some recent efforts. This is NOT a contest, just a display. Current and former Arts and Sciences Champions are particularly asked to display some of their works. There will be some boardgames to play, as we often did at our early events, plus possibly other contests. (Hint: Brush up on your Sentinels’ Keep history.) Come and find long-lost friends, have fun, enjoy an eclectic period feast with dishes from various cultures (since our populace is eclectic), and help us celebrate our birthday!

If you know some of our former members whom we may not know how to reach, please share this information with them. Thank you!

Reservations for the evening’s period feast are required by Thurs., Oct. 12. The feast will be limited to the first 75 reservations. Off-board seating will be limited, as the hall is not large. To make feast reservations, or if you have questions about the feast, please contact the Head Cook, Mst. Gefjon (see below).

Site fee: $5.00 (non-members age 16 and over must pay a $3.00 surcharge) Feast fee: $9.00 (children age 6 through 12 half price; under age 6 free). Make checks payable to “Barony of Sentinels’ Keep, SCA, Inc.” Site is damp. Site will open at 10:00 a.m. and close at 10:00 p.m.

Site: “Brown Building,” on Hwy. 93 in Arlee, MT

Directions: (from south, east, or west:) Take your best route to Missoula, MT. From Missoula, go west on I-90 to Hwy. 93 N. (about 7 mi.). Take Hwy. 93 north to Arlee, MT (17 mi.) Site is the “Brown Building,” on your right, next to the Arlee Fire Dept.

(from north:) Travel south on Hwy. 93 to Arlee. The Brown Building will be on your left. Either way, there will be an SCA sign.

Event Steward: Mistress Iduna Snorradottir, m.k.a. Elaine Higgins elaine.higgins@umontana.edu

Head Cook: Mistress Gefjon Hrafnardottir, m.k.a. Sondra Gibson sgibson@edulog.com

Knight Marshal & Current Champion: Lord Cormac mac Ruadri, m.k.a. Charles Demery fire_n_earth@hotmail.com Location:
Barony of Sentinels' Keep (Arlee, Montana)