Great Western War Refund Announcement

The Exchequer for the Great Western War, which was recently cancelled due to problems with the site, has annouced that refunds for pre-registrations are being issued.

The Exchequer and the Pre-Reg Staff write:

The Great Western War Exchequer and Pre-Reg Staff are please to announce that they will be generating refund checks in the next few weeks.

Who will get a Refund:
Everyone who sent in Pre Registration fees.
Tent Campers, RV Campers and Merchants will all be refunded their Pre-Reg fees in full.
Checks will be made out to the person who sent in the original fees ONLY.
We will not write checks for each person on a group reservation.

What will be Refunded:
All camping and reservation fees.

What will not be Refunded:
Any ACCEPS processing fees. Per the on-line agreement, ACCEPS processing fees are non refundable.

My check wasn’t cashed, what do I do?
We have a small number of un-deposited checks. These will be cancelled and returned in the same manner as refund checks.

I live out of State/Kingdom:
Checks will be mailed to all out of State/Kingdom residents via USPS by October 2, 2006.

How can I help save GWW some money?
Pick up your check at an upcoming event.
In an effort to save money on postage we plan to have a table set up at several upcoming events where you can pick up your refund check in person. Be prepared to show ID and bring your ACCEPS confirmation number if you have one.

If you can’t come to any events and would like to have your refund mailed:
Simply drop us a note and we’ll mail your refund as soon as possible. or

Checks will be available for pickup at:

  • Angels Anniversary – September 30
  • Dun Or Anniversary – October 14
  • Dreiburgen Anniversary – October 21

Anything not picked up in person at the above events will be mailed by October 31.

Thanks everyone for your patience.