Pennsic Wars Calendar, 2006 ~ 2007

Hello everyone. I do hope no one here minds but I am trying to get the word out that I have a lot of Pennsic War calendars available online. I had made up a bunch to sell at Pennsic this year but made some beginner mistakes, like not advertising well and choosing only ONE vendor.

If you don’t know me, I am the moderator for the Vulgar Unicorn, a forum for people who attend Pennsic The Vulgar Unicorn I also am known for my photography of the local events here near Pittsburgh. See: My SCA Photo Galleries.

I thought I would make a special calendar using some of my best images from Pennsic. It runs from event to event with a countdown of how many days are left until the next Pennsic. It’s 12” x 18” when fully opened and is printed on high quality, thick paper. You can cut out the photos and use them for other things if you wanted to.

A lot of people are buying them as gifts for friends. There’s a gift option on the sale where you can send it to a different address other than your own. While this sale is mainly via Paypal, I would gladly accept personal checks/money orders. Just contact me directly.

You can find them for sale online at: eBay, access by clicking here.

Thank you, Darter the Chronicler

I've relisted this calendar

I've relisted this calendar at a reduced price. To purchase click here: Pennsic Wars Calendar, August 2006 ~ July 2007.

WOW! Slow mailer....

I just recieved the email notice that I replied to my original thread... Today is 3 Apr 2007 10:36:50 -0400.

I guess the first pigeon didn't make it???