Autumn Rains... of Iron

Hail to all archers who want to spread the glory of the Outlands to all the Known World! On the 1st day of October, A.S. XLI, there will be an event dedicated to the advancement of Outlands archery in the Canton of Hawks Hollow, Barony of Caerthe.

This archery fest will begin at 9 AM and will feature a concurrent IKAC and “Apple of my Eye” tournaments! Be sure to bring (or be able to borrow) at least 9 arrows/bolts for each ‘end’. The location is at Scout Park in Northglenn, CO in the vicinity of I-25 and 112th Ave. Directions are below. Not only will you be able to register a IKAC score in the division of your choice for the glory of the Outlands, but this will also be an event score for your personal Royal Round average!

There will be prizes for both the IKAC and “Apple of my Eye” tournaments in the Novice to Yeoman ranks and the Forester to Bowmaster levels. Of course this is also an opportunity to get your winning Scout’s Challenge score! For all the archers in the northern Outlands (and those in the south who want to journey up here) who have period bows, especially those of the high nobility and peers, I both request and challenge you to come out and join us in our quest to have the most period archer scores in the InterKingdom Archery Competition of any kingdom in the Known World. (Surely there must be a Duke or Viscountess or Master or someone out there who is willing to lead the charge for our illustrious nobles????) J And yes, there are special prizes on this day for those shooting in the Period Handbow Division!

So come one, come all to have fun and let the Autumn Rains………of Iron commence!

Your autocrat,
Lord Tyrfingr von Wolfsberg
You can contact me at

Directions: Take your best route to I-25 and 120th Ave in north Denver. Exit East to Grant and turn right (south). Grant turns into Community Center Drive, follow this to Malley (in front of Boondocks) and turn left, go to Highline Drive (1/4 mile appx.) and turn right, follow this around the curve and the undeveloped park will be in front of you and you turn right into it. Shade popups and pennants will be visible! There are no! facilities on this primitive site. Location:
Canton of Hawks Hollow (Northglen, Colorado)