A Short Report from the Rowany Festival in Lochac

Wind and dust could not deter the stagwart subjects of the Kingdom of Lochac from enjoying the annual Rowany Festival held mid-April 2003. This is a short report from Lord Miles de Colwell. In response to the question: "What News of the Rowany Festival?" Lord Miles writes:

Ok. Lets see,

Phillipe du Lac of House Louvain, knighted before the heraldic melee.

Bain of Stormaway, from St. Floz, knighted on the field of battle during the friday woods battle.

Baron Francois of polit? given the white scarf on Saturday afternoon.

Elanor or the Orkneys laurreled after fighter auction.

Stefan de Urbino also laurrleled after fighter actuion.

House Attica won the Heraldic Melle and the $310(?) raised went to the leukemia foundation.

King Cornelius won fighter auction to Count Sir Vengimen of the West. Both fighters bought by her grace, Duchess Megahn. A close third to Beringar of Nancy, who I bought for a very nice price thank you :).

The weather was warm and dry in the day and very cold and a bit windy at night.

Large were the hills, heavy was the dust and much of it still in my lungs. Hopefully the drought will break and crossroads will be able to plant more grass.

Looking down the huge hill from the Stormclaw encampment at night was an incredible site, heaps and heaps of period pavillions, camp fires all over site. really lovely.

For those of you who missed it, fie on you and show up next year.

Miles de Colwell