10th Annual "Trial by Fire" held in the Barony of Bright Hills, Atlantia

On September 4th, 2006 was held a fine cooking competition! Yes, it was the 10th annual Bright Hills Cooks Guild event, “Trial By Fire”.

About 40 people were in attendance at the home of Master Chirhart Blackstar and Mistress Jeanne de Bec.

The goal was to cook a period dish, under conditions that would be found at Pennsic, in 4 hours. Documentation for the dishes was required. All entrants had to supply their own equipment and ingredients. No dish components were to be pre-made unless pre-approved by the Head of the Cooks Guild and only if they are vital to the dish and would take too long to prepare within the parameters, (i.e. days)

The Judges this year were:

  • Master Chirhart Blackstar
  • Lord Adam of Erin
  • Lord Ed the Tinker
  • Lady Martelle von Charlottenburg

Mistress Rowena of Avalon also honored the competition by being the judge of the entrants documentation.

The winners of this year’s TRIAL BY FIRE are:

  • Best Grain:
    Lady Wynne ferch Rhodri for her Pita Bread
  • Best Vegetable:
    Lady Wynne ferch Rhodri for her Shula Kalambai
  • Best Dessert:
    Mistress Margherita la Tessitrice for her Apple Muse
  • Best Meat/Main Dish:
    Lady Maeve Fitz Robert of York for
    Veal Rolls & Fried Leeks (Polpette di Carne de Vitello o de Alta Bona)
  • Over All Grand Champion:
    Lady Catherine O’Carroll for her Shrimp by the Fire with handmade noodles and asparagus.

Generous gift baskets of cooking untensils were given as prizes. Master Chirhart also presented the Over All Champion with a Spice/Coffee grinder.

A special recognition went to Baroness Rowen Berran McDowell for her excellent documentation of her Mongolian entries.

We also had a special treat of an impromptu class on documentation by Mistress Rowena of Avalon, the former MOAS for the Society.

So a hearty VIVATS to all the entrants!

Yours in service to the cooking arts and the fine food of Bright Hills!

Lady Martelle von Charlottenburg,
Deputy for Tempore Atlantia.
MOAS, Barony of Bright Hills
CP, Atlantia
CP, Drachenwald