Queen's Equestrian Championship Tournament

Bring your faithful destrier (or rent one from the Caidan Royal Stables) and join us upon the tourney field to fight for the honor of being Her Majesty Kolfinna’s Equestrian Champion.

Riders (Intermediate and Advanced) will compete on the Quintain, Rings, Pig Heads and Beheading the Enemy. Top riders will advance to the finals for a ride-off of Her Majesty’s choosing. Beginners and young riders are also welcome – special competition categories will be created depending on the authorization levels.

Please bear in mind the honor and responsibility of serving as Her Majesty’s Equestrian Champion before competing for this title. If you would like to compete but do not live in Caid or do not have the time to commit to serving on Her Majesty’s court, please consider competing “hors concours” (for the joy of competition but not for the title of Champion) instead.

8:00 am Site opens, equipment set-up
9:00 am Practice/authorizations
10:00 am Mounted Procession and Opening Court
10:30 am Tournament begins
3:00 pm Closing Court
4:00 pm Equipment break-down
5:00 pm Site closes

Fees $5.00 site fee for members, $3.00 NMS applies for non-members. Please make checks out to “SCA Inc./Barony of Dreiburgen”

Additional Information Rentals are available through Prado Equestrian Center, but numbers are limited so please call 909.597.5757 to make reservations prior to the event.

Authorizations are necessary to compete. Please be prepared to authorize at 9:00am if you do not have current equestrian authorization.

If you’re coming from out-of-town and require over-night stabling, please contact the event steward.

Horses being trailered into the facility must have proof of current vaccinations. Location:
Kingdom of Caid (Chino, CA)