Position Available: Society Equestrian Marshal

The Marshal of the Society is currently accepting applications for the position of Society Equestrian Marshal. This is an unpaid deputy position, reporting to the Marshal of the Society, requiring approximately 10 hours per week.

The Society Equestrian Marshal coordinates the SCA’s equestrian activities, develops, disseminates and enforces policies, rules and regulations, and maintains communications with his/her Kingdom subordinates.

The Society Equestrian Marshal reports to the Marshal of the Society quarterly regarding the status of equestrian activities in the individual Kingdoms as well as the Society as a whole.

Qualifications for the position include a background in modern and/or SCA equestrian activities, excellent written and oral communication skills, the ability to work independently to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines. Prior experience as a local, Principality or Kingdom Equestrian Officer, or the modern-world equivalent, is highly desirable.

As much of a Society-level officer’s business occurs via the internet, familiarity and basic skills with a computer, MS Office software (such as Microsoft Word and Excel) printers, and e-mail are required. The successful applicant must have reliable access to electronic mail and a printer.

Copies of résumés (both professional and medieval, including offices held and awards received) must be sent to the attention of the Marshal of the Society (marshal@sca.org) and the Society Equestrian Marshal (equestrian@sca.org). Résumés must be received by September 23, 2006. Questions regarding this position may be directed to Jude Kensington (Mistress Isolde of Hawksholme), the current Society Equestrian Marshal. Ms. Kensington may be reached by phone at equestrian@sca.org.

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