Hrafnafjordr's Brewing Symposium

Do you like Arts and Sciences? Do you like making beer? Do you like drinking beer? Do you want to learn how they made beer in different period cultures? Well then get yourself to the Shire of Hrafnafjordr's first annual Brewing Symposium, formerly known as Winter Welcome.

Lord Gunnar will be teaching a hands-on class where you can make period beer, and then drink it later at your leisure. What is period beer? Well, that and many other questions will be answered at the class, but for now just know that this brew will not be made indoors, on a stove, or even on a propane burner. It will involve rocks and fire! This is all I can tell you. While the beer brews, pick up a broad sword or a rapier and participate in the "Poke for Pints" tourneys.

Feast is potluck by whatever you feel like bringing, with Gunnar's famous beer brats provided. (Feast will be dinner, it is recommended that you bring your own snacks to get through the day.)

There is room for only 25 people to partake of the products of their labors, but any and all are welcome to come and learn. Please contact the Autocrat with an RSVP if you want/intend to take the class and be one of the few who get to taste their wares.

Site Information: The event will be held at Creavanore, The home of Gunnar and Lasairiona.

Site fee is FREE!

This is a WET site! :) Other than the stuff we will be making, BYOB! If you want to reserve your share of the brew (i.e. you are one of the pre-registered 25) the fee for the class/product is $2. (Materials) Site opens at noon on Saturday and closes at midnight or later! (Bardic in the house-duh!)

Directions: Follow the Seward Highway south from Anchorage and take the Kenai/Soldotna/Homer turn-off at the Sterling Highway. Follow into and thru Soldotna until you cross the Kenai River Bridge. Take the next right on Kalifornsky Beach road. Follow for apprx 3 miles. Take left on Liberty (first left before the stoplight at Poppy) and then take the next right. You are there! SCA signs will be out.

Autocrat: Lord Gunnar Olfuss (Ben Stevens) email: Location:
Shire of Hrafnafjordr (Soldotna, Alaska)