Rumble on the River

The Baronies of Grey Niche and Three Rivers are raising the banner of war once again! Come join the Barony of Grey Niche as we host the invading army of Three Rivers and defend our noble heritage! Both Barons are demanding tribute! Both Barons are refusing to pay! It is time to settle this score once and for all! Fighters and others are invited to bring a small donation of some item that would be useful in putting on the winning group's next event (duct tape, thumb tacks, etc.) for the War booty! The winner takes all!

Rumble isn't just for Fighters, it's for Artisans too!!!!! That's right artisans! Your Baronies need YOU! The A&S competitions for *this* war will be not for 1, not for 2, but for 3, count 'em, THREE war points!

The A&S portion of the war is made up of two distinct competitions. The first is a standard A&S competition with no restrictions on subject matter or medium, following Kingdom standards for judging and documentation. The winner of that competition will receive one (1) war point for their Barony. The second competition has a bit of a twist. To enter the "Honor of Arts" competition, you must submit an entry honoring your opponent. For example, someone from the Barony of Grey Niche wishing to enter the Honor of Arts competition must submit an entry honoring the Barony of Three Rivers, and vice versa. The entry can still be in any medium, but it *must* be something that is truly attempting to honor your opponent, no poking fun, snide jokes, etc. The whole concept of this competition is to be even more honorable and chivalrous than normal. The Honor of Arts competition is worth two (2) war points.

Examples of the types of entries that might be cool in the Honor of Arts competition are:

  • A poem or song praising the virtues of your opponent.
  • A painting depicting the populace of your opponent Barony is a flattering light
  • Items of regalia for your opponent's Baronial level awards
  • An item of heraldic clothing done with the device of your opponent
  • And billions more I can't think of at the moment.

Come to "RUMBLE ON THE RIVER", October 27- 29th, 2006 at Little Creek Ranch, Glen, Mississippi and support the Barony of Grey Niche as we do battle with the Barony of Three Rivers of Calontir.

For more info please contact Ulfrun GrimkelsKona, MKA Theresa Coley, at

Little Creek Ranch - Unlimited tenting or bring your RV (additional fee) – Limited facilities. This is a wet site. Little Creek Ranch is located nine (9) miles east of Corinth , MS off Highway 72. Turn onto County Road 300. Follow for three (3) miles, turn left and then take your first right. Camp website: Location:
Barony of Grey Niche (Glen, Mississippi)