Agincourt Event

We invite one and all, young and old to join us for a day of fighting and feasting, arts and sciences, glory and revelry to be remembered! Our event autocrated by the talented Liam MacanTsaoir is themed on the battle of Agincourt that was fought in northern France as part of the Hundred Years' War. The battle was fought on a rainy day, the feast day of Saint Crispin, in 1415 between the English and Welsh army of King Henry V and the French army of King Charles VI.

Fighting will commence with an Atlantia-style speed tourney. There will also be a combat archer triathlon (archer vs archer, archer vs. advancing fighter, and rattan single combat with backup weapons). There will be a Harfleur "Once More Into the Breach" Battle. This will be a timed "hold-the-gate" scenario with obstacles and combat archery. Next will be the Agincourt Battle, a timed resurrection battle on an hourglass-shaped field with combat archery, pavises, obstacles, and impaling stakes allowed. (Participants are may want to bring their own pavises and traffic cones.) This will be followed by a Sack the Baggage Train Skirmish, including combat archery and resurrection for the attacking side only. Finally, we will fight multiple fight-throughs of a Tavern Brawl Battle until everyone is tired and happy. This battle will take place in a 'tavern', and will not allow combat archery, although thrown missile weapons are allowed, shields larger than a buckler or any weapon longer than five and a half feet are not allowed.

There's also archery for the so inclined. Did we forget to mention fencing!? Fear not, for we will have your favorite fencing activities and also a tavern battle, bring your favorite 'non standard' item for parrying. We've seen it all; from a turkey leg to a stuffed dog so use your imagination.

In between these events, we'll have a "Dueling Heralds" activity, in which heralds will vie for the roar of the crowd. Also, an Inspire the Troops contest, for which all populace are encouraged to participate in.

There will be plenty to do for the non fighter too, should you feel like taking it easy from the battle. An arts and science competition with a 'war goods' theme for the campaign trail, and a special category for leather work; as St. Crispin is a patron saint of leatherworkers. Children's activities also.

Before feast we'll be having Baronial Court, so get your award recommendations in now! To entertain us after court as we ready for dinner, the choir will sing to us of Henry the V and the brave battle.

An amazing feast is being prepared as well by the very talented Lady Illadore de Bedegrayne. Word is she is preparing removes of English and French to sate appetites of hearty proportions including a lunch for all who attend. The Brewer's Guild is also cooking up something special for the evening!

Garb of the period is requested and will make the atmosphere more period, but of course not required.

This grand event is to be held at the Dorseyville Volunteer Fire Department Social Hall, 100 Charles Street Dorseyville, PA 15238. The Site fee will be $8.00 of Off Board (lunch included), and $14.00 On Board. Children ages 6-12 shall be half price and Wee Ones (5 and under) shall be free. The site opens at 9am and closes at 11pm. No pets inside the building except service animals. The site is wet, period containers please.

Any questions regarding fighting please direct to Lord Morien McBain (Steve Vandevander; For feast restrictions or questions please contact Lady Illadore de Bedegrayne (Monica Gaudio; ) at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Any other questions please contact Liam or Constance (Shawn MacIntyre or Sunshine,

From Pittsburgh:
From downtown, take Rt. 28 North and take exit 5 onto Rt. 8 North. Follow Rt. 8 north for 6 miles and turn right onto Harts Run Rd. (Green Belt). ** Follow Harts Run past the stop sign at Middle Road, to the stop sign at Saxonburg Blvd. (approx. 3 miles). Turn left on Saxonburg Blvd. and go 2.6 miles, past the entrance to Hartwood Acres. About ½ block before the site you will see Trinity United Church of Christ on the right. Turn left onto Charles Street and then right into the Fire Hall parking lot. There is also a parking lot another half block up the hill, closer to the combat areas. If the parking lots are filled, check for signs with instructions regarding overflow parking about one block away. Use the loading zones to unload your gear before moving your vehicle to overflow parking.

From the North and PA Turnpike (Rt. 76):
Take I-79 South to the PA Turnpike exit at Cranberry/Mars. Take the PA Turnpike (Rt. 76) to exit 4 (Butler) and go South on Rt. 8. Go 3 miles and turn left on Harts Run Road, then follow from ** above.

From the South:
Take I-79 North to I-279 into Pittsburgh. ***Stay in the left lane as you enter the Ft. Pitt Tunnel. When you exit the tunnel, immediately get into the extreme left lane and follow signs for the Ft. Duquesne Bridge. Once on the Ft. Duquesne Bridge, get into the far right lane and bear right to follow I-279 North. Immediately take exit 7C, Rt. 28 North, and then follow the directions "From Pittsburgh" above.

From the West:
Take Rt. 22/30 East to I-279 into Pittsburgh, then follow from *** under "From the South" above. Location:
Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands (Dorseyville, Pennsylvania)