Fall Equestrium

If you went to Purgatorio and were thrilled and inspired by the spectacular processions, the jousting, or already interested in horses and want to get more involved, the College of Equestrian Arts has just the event for you!

Fall Equestrium is on Saturday, October 14, in Golden Rivers at the Central Park Arena (Rio Linda, CA). A number of classes will be presented for both mounted and unmounted participants. Basic riding skills (equitation), improving your time in the InterKingdom Equestrian Competition (IKEqC) games, Horse Drawn Vehicles in Period - Lecture with color hand-out and hands-on examples of modern equipement, Safety and Riding Courtesy (required for new riding authorizations), Jousting and Crest Combat training, and more are still being finalized. Various equipment will be available for those who would like to practice rings or quintain to meet Duke Henrik's challenge, or compete in IKEqC on Sunday.

Rental horses will be available from JB Ranch. Rates are $70/half day, and $135/full day.

Golden Rivers will be having its monthly Equestrian Practice at the usual location on Sunday Oct. 15, one mile from Saturday's event. We will be scoring IKEqC games from 11 AM to 3 PM. Unfortunately, we will not have rentals for this, but loaner horses may be available. If you are bringing a horse that can be shared, please contact me.

Overnight accomodations for people and horses may be arranged by contacting me directly.

Gwendwyn the Silent
Kingdom Equestrian Officer
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WestKingdomEQ/ Location:
Golden Rivers (Rio Linda, California)