13th Century Paintings Discovered in English Church

telegraph.co.uk: Conservation work in a London church has uncovered 13th century wall paintings depicting Mary Magdalene. Decorative paintings on the wall of an East Ham church will be seen by the public for the first time since the 19th century. The paintings of flowers, masonry patterns, and an ornate scrollwork, are believed to have been covered during the Reformation and were discovered in the 1850's, only to be covered again during World War II. They have now been carefully restored.

Correction to description

The painting are located at St Mary Magdalene church, but are not of Mary Magadelene. According to the article, they "include flowers, masonry patterns and a band of ornate scrollwork."


Re: Correction to description

Indeed, Colleen, you are correct! Thank you for pointing out the error. The story abstract on SCAtoday.net has been corrected.