SCA on-line encyclopedia boasts 3,593 articles

Cunnan, a Wiki-style encyclopedia, now has almost 3600 articles available and more are added daily. First put on-line in 2003, Cunnan offers "information for re-enactors of the Middle Ages and Renaissance with a heavy slant towards members of the SCA."

Like Wikipedia, all the articles are written and edited by on-line users. Therefore, it has the same advantages and drawbacks as Wikipedia. Advantages: it tends to be up-to-date; new information is added constantly; old articles are revised as new knowledge comes to light; it is easy to use (for those comfortable with on-line searches). Drawbacks: some of the information and judgments given are outdated or just plain ill-informed; there are gaps in what topics are covered; the quality of articles varies; the opinionated or ill-informed may remove less biased or authoritative information.

Browsers who are aware of the possibility that articles may be biased or ill-informed, and that each article must be evaluated on its own merits, will nevertheless appreciate the information available.