Fencing Gear Stolen in Ansteorra

Don Duncan Hepburn (Wayne Ross) reports that his car containing his fencing gear was stolen August 28 or 29, 2006 from his home in Dallas, Texas. SCAtoday.net readers are asked to be on the lookout for the stolen gear.

Don Duncan writes:

Monday night my home was broken into and a lot of stuff was stolen, including my car. I am working with police and the insurance company now, and everyone in the house is okay. The reason I am telling y'all this is because in the trunk of the car was all of my fencing gear.

There were:

  • a deltin from Darkwood Armory, with green leather wrapped grips and a symmetrical swept hilt guard. The blade was tipped with leather wrapped cork.
  • a schlager with green leather wrapped grip, brass grip and pommel, and brass button tips on the quillions and knucklebow. The blade was tipped with leather wrapped cork
  • another schlager, with chromed swept hilt guard, diamond cross section quillions, and a light colored wooden grip.
  • another schlager with simple 2 ring guard, and a ring dagger, with cherry grips and disc pommels, from MAS weapons
  • a custom made safe-flex bladed main gauche with a hexagonal brass pommel with a red gem on the end
  • an epee with a pierced cup hilt (also MAS I think). The blade was tipped with leather wrapped cork

Also in the bag were a 3 weapon fencing mask, leather gorget, 2 pair of gloves (brown and black), hood, cloak, wooden buckler... the standard kit I guess. But the easiest to recognize by far, and the most likely to show up in a pawn shop or on EBay are the rapiers, which is why I posted their details here.

They were stolen in Dallas Texas the night/morning of August 28/29, so will likely be somewhere close.. but ya never know. My car had a 3/4 tank of gas, which for a hybrid would take them to the corners of the kingdom, so the stuff could be anywhere I guess.

Anyway, if anyone spots any of these items, please contact me or the police. Also, please post to any other list that you think might help.

Many thanks,

Don Duncan Hepburn
mka Wayne Ross