Great Western War 2006 Cancelled

Sir Gavin and Baronesse Cara Michelle have officially announced that, due to site logistics, Great Western War X (2006) has been cancelled.

The Event Stewards write:

This is an official announcement from the GWW Main Event Stewards and the Caidan Kingdom Seneschal.

We are sorry to announce that Great Western War 10 has been canceled for 2006.

We know that this news will be a disappointment to some and no surprise to others. We want everyone to know that we have done everything possible to locate an appropriate site and finalize the arrangements. Unfortunately time was just not on our side. After hours of searching and meetings with site owners we feel certain that we cannot pull together all of the necessary arrangements to make Great Western War happen in October. As many of you know finding a site that will accommodate this type of event is challenging even without a 5 week deadline.

Thank you to everyone who sent site suggestions. We received many messages of encouragement and hope that kept us going on our search. We would also like to say thank you for your patience and understanding during a frantic and disappointing situation.

We need to ask for your patience once more with regard to refunds on site fees. As previously announced we hope to have a refund policy in place by Sept. 1, 2006. Please check the web site for detailed information after that date.

Regarding the future of Great Western War:
I'd like to assure everyone that, given a full year to plan, the event staff will be able put together a terrific event.

Please check the event web site for further information. We will be posting more information as it becomes available.

Just a few statistics:

  • We made contact with over 53 sites.
  • We visited over 33 sites personally.

Sir Gavin and Baronesse Cara Michelle