Peer/Non-Peer Ratio Survey Sparks Discussion in Drachenwald

A survey showing ratios between peers and non-peers in all kingdoms has sparked a discussion on the Drachenwald list, prompting kingdom residents to wonder where many of their former residents are now living. Heralds in Drachenwald have been surprised to see statistics on how many peers reside in each of the 17 kingdoms since so many of who have received awards in Drachenwald over the years no longer reside in the kingdom. For that reason, it has been suggested that ex-residents of Drachenwald contact the Drachenwald Mailig List DW-L@DRACHENWALD.SCA.ORG and give an update on their location and status.

The discussion was prompted by a survey at listing peer-to-AoA ratios in all the kingdoms. The posting on the Drachenwald discussion list went on to point out that since SCA memberships is so fluid, it is difficult to list where peers actually reside. The survey reflects numbers from the kingdom where awards were given but does not reflect changes when members move.