Proposed Change to Corpora Regarding Administrative Suspension of Participation

Patrick Anderson, Interim President, SCA Inc., is seeking comments regarding a proposed amendment of Corpora dealing with the Administrative Suspension of Membership.

In March of this year, the Board released for commentary a draft proposal that added a new section to Corpora allowing the Society Seneschal to impose an Administrative Suspension of Membership in certain situations. We received a great deal of input on this proposal. Of those respondents who expressed concerns, the majority of them centered around the potential for abuse, too much power in the hands of one individual, or the use of broad language. The Board has incorporated a number of the suggested changes sent to us by the membership to address these concerns.

The revised proposal now clarifies that the suspension may be used when someone is under criminal investigation by a modern law-enforcement agency. A provision was added requiring the Society Seneschal to consult with the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal of the applicable Kingdom. The Kingdom Seneschal was added to the list of those to be notified in writing. The language requiring regular review of active suspensions was made more specific. Finally, the potential penalty for abusing the suspension was made clearer.

Therefore, the Board proposes the following addition to Corpora as a new Section X.C. Administrative Suspension of Participation (renumbering subsequent Sections as appropriate):

Proposed Addition to Corpora X.C.
Create a new section of Corpora - X.C. Administrative Suspension of Participation and renumber subsequent Sections as appropriate.

C. Administrative Suspension of Participation.

The Society Seneschal may, when necessary, or when Royal Sanctions areinappropriate or logistically impractical, impose an Administrative Suspension of Participation on an individual. This precludes the suspended individual from attending any SCA function in any realm. Reasons for this form of sanction might include, but are not limited to, when an individual is under criminal investigation by a modern-era law-enforcement agency, when an individual is under investigation for a Revocation and Denial of Membership, or when an individual's behavior or actions profoundly and negatively affect the Society.

The Administrative Suspension of Participation is effective immediately upon proclamation by the Society Seneschal, after consultation with the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal of the applicable Kingdom. The proclamation must include a reasonable duration of some type; for example, six months, the duration of a specific event, until the conclusion of legal proceedings, etc. The duration may not be indefinite. This does not, however, preclude the Society Seneschal from immediately renewing an Administrative Suspension of Participation, subject to the requirements below.

1. Notification and Publication:
The Society Seneschal must inform the suspended individual, the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal of the realm of the suspended individual, and the Board of Directors, as to the specific cause and occasion of the suspension. This notification must be made to the individual in writing within ten business days. The suspension should be published in the appropriate Kingdom newsletter in a timely fashion, though publication is not mandatory for the sanction to be effective.

2. Review:
An Administrative Suspension of Participation will be automatically reviewed by the Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting after proclamation. Active suspensions shall be included with the Society Seneschal's quarterly report to the Board for regular review.

If the Board determines a suspension is without merit or has been unfairly imposed, the sanction will be lifted and the Society Seneschal will be subject to sanctions, up to and including immediate dismissal.

The Board requests comments from the membership regarding this proposed revision no later than November 1, 2006. Please send them to:
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Patrick Anderson - Interim President, SCA Inc.
(Gabriel andvaka Kjotrason)

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