Battle At Dragon's Lake

Just wanted to send this out again for anyone who missed it. The Shire of Swordcliff (Springfield,IL) will be having a NEW camping event on September 8-10, 2006.

The event site is set in a Primitive wooded area that is beautiful, peaceful and secluded.

We are having a Quest Tournament that will be great for fighters to participate in as well as for the rest of us to watch. There will be a children's Quest as well for the kids to have fun with. They will be split up into 3 different age groups to compete so they will all have fun. The kids will also be able to participate in a story time with craft activity.

There will be Dancing in the Pavilion by firelight and a bardic competition and bonfire. Also scheduled is a torchlight tourney on Friday night. Sure to be fun!

How are you craft/art skills??? We are looking for the best dragon in any medium. And is your encampment one of the best? We will be watching to see who has the best heraldic display in their camp.

We have four merchants signed up to date and are looking for more.. still have some of that inventory left over from Pennsic?.. bring it out and show us what you have! Some of us poor souls didn't make it to Pennsic.

Here is our website link

Please come and join us for this new and special event. It is sure to be entertaining with something for everyone!

If you have any questions please let me know, the autocrat, at

Thanks for your time!!

Lady Emelyne Location:
Shire of Swordcliff (Springfield,Illinois)