November Faire

The weekend of November 10 – 12 the Shire of Wyrmgeist is hosting a Regional Faire featuring an Arts & Science Faire, classes and fighting for those martial of mind. What is the name of the event you ask? It is called November Faire. Where you ask?? It is at the (you know it, you love it, you can find your way there blindfolded) WoW site in Hattiesburg, MS

There will be two A&S Faires – a regional Faire based on Kingdom standards and a November Faire where the entrants will get to judge each other in their category. Everyone gets a chance to participate. So get those projects ready.

Fighters, don’t you worry; there will be fighting aplenty for you.

Wyrmgeist has a long-standing tradition of hosting fantastic events; this will be no exception. The feast is promising to be very tasty; another Wyrmgeist tradition. Location:
Shire of Wyrmgeist (Hattiesburg, Mississippi)