Southeastern Medieval Association Conference to Present "Beginnings and Endings"

The SouthEastern Medieval Association will host the 2006 conference at The University of Mississippi October 12-14, 2006. The conference will feature Giles Constable of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, and Roberta Frank of Yale University.

The conference will include several dinners and a program of medieval music in addition to the papers presented.

Topics scheduled include:

  • Anglo-Saxon Religious Themes
  • The Middle Ages and Modern Novelists
  • Fourteenth-Century English Mystics
  • Law, Literature, and History
  • History of Anglo-Saxon Scholarship
  • The Middle Ages on Film
  • Teaching Middle English Literature to Undergraduates: The Language Question A Panel Discussion with Audience Participation
  • Chivalry: Horses, Women, and War
  • Female Authority I
  • Beowulf, the Dragon, and the Scholars
  • Alliterative Traditions: Beginnings and Endings
  • A Readers’ Theatre Performance of Mankind
  • Pagans, Christians, Jews
  • Where Does Hagiography End and Romance Begin? Bodies and Souls in Oxford Bodleian MS Laud Misc.
And many more offerings.

Professor Giles Constable will speak on "The Fourth Crusade" while Professor Roberta Frank will speark on "The Hip Factor in Anglo-Scandinavian England."