Bal d'Argent

Bigger, better, and whiter than before! Southron Gaard brings you Bal d'Argent, _the_ dance event of Lochac! There will be workshops, dance fanatics, musicians, dazzling decorations, a picnic, a supper prepared by the most esteem'd Peerless Kitchen, a tournament of skill and chivalry, a display of the Arts and the Sciences, and a Bal of tremendous magnificence!

16-17 September, Bal d'Argent, Southron Gaard (Christchurch, New Zealand): the annual gathering of the dance Guild of the Silver Rondel

Saturday, 16 September:
Dance and music classes: 10am to 4pm, Our City (cnr Oxford Tce and Worcester Blvd). The Guild's AGM and Rondel and Semibreve testing will also be held during this day.

Bal d'Argent: 7pm, Our City (cnr Oxford Tce and Worcester Blvd). Theme: silver/white with red and blue trim. This evening includes a supper prepared by the Peerless Kitchen, an Arts and Sciences display, competition dances, and a prize for the best dressed in theme.

Sunday, 17 September:
Spring tourney: 11am, Abberley Park (55 Abberley Cres. Wet weather venue The Hermitage, 74 Augusta St, Redcliffs). There shall be heavy and rapier fighting, and informal dancing. Bring along your picnic stuffs and projects.

Cost: classes $5M/$7NM; Bal $15M/$17NM; classes and Bal $18M/$20NM. Spring tourney has no charge. Cheques to be made out to "SCA - Barony of Southron Gaard". Bookings and payment to the Steward no later than September 9th.

Steward: Emma of Wolvercote (Nicola Rooney),

More information and booking forms at Known World Academy Location:
Barony of Southron Gaard (Christchurch, New Zealand)