Trimaris Coronation

You are cordially invited to the celebration of the coronation of TRH Martin von Lochner & TRH Islay Elspeth of Glen Meara

Fall Coronation 2006 Presented by The Kingdom of Trimaris & The Barnony of Oldenfeld

September 1-4 • 4-H Camp Ocala • 18801 NFS 535 • Altoona FL 32702
Site opens at 4 pm Friday, and closes at 11 am Monday.

Event Fees
Day Trip - $12.00
Two Nights - $22.00
One Night - $17.00
Weekend - $25.00
Non Member Fee (per person- no exceptions) - $6.00

Saturday - $8.00
Sunday - $8.00
Make checks payable to "SCA dba Kingdom of Trimaris". Please include your drivers license number on your check..

Children under the age of 12 are free. No family charged more than three adult fees. These prices are only for site fees. For cabin space please contact the Cabin Reservation Deputy. Registration closes at 3:00 pm on Sunday, and all site fees must be paid in full by this time!!

This is a discretly wet sit. No glass containers please, and please remember to take all containers with you

Minor's Waivers
Minors not accompanied by parent or legal guardian must have the following waivers completed and notarized "Minor Child 's Event Waiver" and a notarized "Minor Child's Medical & Travel Consent". PDF versions of these waivers can be obtained at

Event Steward
Mistress Mairi Ceilidh
MKA Jancie Ter Louw

Reservation Steward
Flann de Belew
MKA Brevan Brown

Saturday Feast Head Chefs
Baroness Adsiltia filia Honorii
MKA Adsiltia Pier

Thomas von Wildtstein
MKA Thomas Fuller

Sunday Feast Head Chefs
Etain ingen Cathail ui Guaire
MKA Jennifer Walker

Lord Miklos Vizjec
MKA Marc Chin Location:
Barony of Oldenfeld (Altoona Florida)