Schola in the Hinterlands

The Shire of Montevale invites you to make the long trek through the colorful Autumn forests and across the mountains to reach the furthest south and west corner of the Kingdom of the East and help us as we prepare for another Winter.

Event Focus: The winter snows will soon be blowing across our land, and our classes this year are focused on those things which pertain to preparing a medieval keep for the winter months.

Examples of classes may include (but are not limited to): cooking, food preservation, weaving and sewing (think WOOL!), the bardic arts (gotta have something to do to while away the long dark evenings!) and the martial arts (eventually, Spring will come, and our skills and weapons must be equally well honed!) Weather permitting, there will be plenty of fighting, as well as thrown weapons competitions... details to be announced.

The site is Sinoquipe Boy Scout Camp, 677 Boy Scout Road, Fort Littleton, PA. The site is very discreetly damp: period containers only, and remove all empties. No pets allowed.

The site opens at 3 p.m., Fri., October 20, 2006 and closes at 3 p.m., Sunday October 22, 2006. There is lots of room for tents along the lakeshore and cabin space for 80. The cabins have wood-fired stoves for heat. There is one handicapped-accessible cabin with limited beds. Please specify tent or cabin (including special needs) with your reservation.

Cost: Adult -- onboard (Sat. lunch, feast, Sun. breakfast) $15; day trippers (lunch Sat) $10; Child under 12 onboard $8; day trip $4. Child under 5, free. [Note that some classes may include additional charges to cover materials or handouts, payable at the time of the class.]

Please make checks payable to "SCA, Inc., Shire of Montevale," and send reservations to Susan Dietrich, SKA Failenn Ingen Cathail

Your best route to the PA Turnpike, and take Exit 13 (Fort Littleton). After leaving the tollbooth area, turn right onto Rte. 522 North (note: Rte. 522 does junction with US 30). Follow 522 for about one mile, keeping to the right at the Y in the road, and then almost immediately turn left onto Sinoquipe Road. Follow this road for 1.7 miles, and turn left onto the access road for the Camp. Follow the access road around the lake to troll. There are Camp Sinoquipe signs on the public roads and SCA signs will be posted.

Feast: Food: meals will include: Saturday: breakfast, lunch, and feast, and Sunday breakfast. The feast and dayboard will be handled by Baroness Magdalena Kestrel.

If you have any diet restrictions or special needs, please contact the feastcrat, Baroness Magdalena at

HL Jeanne Francesca Fitzgerald

Other Contact Information:
Class Coordinator: HL Andrew Blake

Feastcrat: Baroness Magdalena Kestrel

Make Checks Payable to: SCA, Inc., Shire of Montvale Location:
Shire of Montevale (Fort Littleton, Pennsylvania)