King and Queen of the Acadiana Medieval Faire Announced

The Acadiana Medieval Faire (Lafayette, Louisiana) is pleased to announce the selection of its King and Queen for the 2007 season. Portraying 14th century English monarch Edward III will be Wade Heaton. Dionne Charlet will be portraying his wife, Queen Phillippa.

Wade Heaton was born in New Orleans, raised in Baton Rouge, and is currently residing in Lafayette, LA. His love of medieval and classical life and literature has taken him many places around the globe. After graduating in Theatre from Northwestern some years ago, he worked local television in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. After a stint with an acting company in Los Angeles, he returned to Louisiana and began graduate studies as a medievalist at LSU. After a Master's Degree in English, he was awarded scholarships, including the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship, and studied in Germany and Austria. After the fall of the iron curtain, he taught English in the former Czechoslovakia. Specializing in Medieval and Classical Literature, he then began teaching English at Southeastern Louisiana University.

While he specialized in medieval literature, he also developed a love of the Classics as all the greats of the Middle Ages and Renaissance looked to the ancient authors for models and inspiration. Teaching the classics led to developing a series of Togaman performances about ancient clothing, armor, and weapons which has been touring much of the country for the past ten years.

"I fell in love with Chaucer in college: the characters, the language, and especially the world of humanity that comes to life in the Canterbury Tales. Building up the character of King Edward III, the monarch of England during Chaucer's early life, is an interesting challenge and a great deal of fun. Bringing these people to life and inhabiting them in a realistic way helps modern day Americans of all ages, educational, and ethnic backgrounds see the connections between them and us. We may dress differently, eat different foods, and have more technological conveniences, but the passions, aspirations, and glimpses into the human comedy really have not changed at all." Wade currently serves as cast director of the Acadiana Medieval Faire.

Dionne Charlet was born Dionne Cherie Ballon in New Orleans in 1970. She graduated Cabrini High School, then studied poetry writing under Richard Katrovas at the University of New Orleans, but chose to focus on family instead of pursuing a degree. Married in 1992, Dionne and her husband, Keith Charlet, have a 13-year-old son, Dylan. The Charlets live in Avondale, LA, just outside New Orleans.

Performing as a Renaissance festival queen since 2002, Dionne's most recent appearance was as stand-in Queen Anne of the Ocean Springs Renaissance Festival held May 6 - 7, 2006. Dionne's love of involvement in Renaissance festivals is surpassed only by her love for involvement in projects that give back to the community. Dionne has appeared as Renaissance royalty, performing volunteer knighting ceremonies at hospitals, Special Olympics, Camp Bon Couer and as a member of the Cast Aways Open Theatre Troupe on behalf of the Celtic Society of Louisiana at the Swamp Celtic Festival in Gonzalez.

Dionne is the new Recruitment Chair for the Acadiana Medieval Faire, having over four years experience recruiting volunteer cast for fairs and festivals in Louisiana and Mississippi. "I love to bring people into our growing faire family", she says. "There is no greater joy than knowing that on any given Sunday you may find yourself in the company of a blacksmith, a swordsman, a child with her face beautifully painted, a school teacher and a King."

Running from March 31 to April 3, 2007 between Grand Coteau and Arnaudville, the Acadiana Medieval Faire is a recreation of a medieval town faire similar to those found during the late medieval period. The Faire will feature a medieval style market, renaissance faire foods with a Cajun twist, and unique performing arts areas. The Acadiana Medieval Faire is fun for the entire family!

The Acadiana Medieval Faire is a not-for-profit corporation. All proceeds from the faire are re-invested in the faire and its educational programs.