SCAdian POW Rescued from Captivity in Iraq

According to his bio, Sgt. James Riley is "a science fiction buff" and is making himself a chainmail hauberk. But most important of all is that he is now safely released from Iraqi captors. After a news article about the captured American POWs mentioned that Sgt. Riley, of New Zealand originally and New Jersey in recent years, was making chainmail, speculation started on several SCA lists that he might be one of our own.

It turns out that Riley is peripherally involved in the SCA and has been to a fighter practice. Details are sketchy, but it appears that he may have just recently discovered the SCA before leaving for the Iraq deployment. Master Henry Best, OP, says, "I spoke with an old friend of mine, Baron Conrade du Montgomerie, the Baron of Citadel, which includes Fort Bliss, Texas. He says that Sgt. Riley showed up as a visitor at one and only one fighter practice, perhaps two or three months ago. He speculates that Riley's unit may have deployed shortly afterwards." Fort Bliss, Texas, is the area where Riley's unit was stationed prior to deployment.

Riley's unit, the 507th Maintenance Company, took a wrong turn in Iraq, and they were captured by Iraqi militia on March 23. He is among the POWs rescued from captivity, with the help of a surrendering Iraqi soldier, on April 13.

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