SCAdian Musicians Perform in Powell River

Members of the local SCA chapter in Vancouver, British Columbia participated in a musical evening at Powell River's Boxwood Cottage garden recently where they presented a program of medieval music.

The event was promoted in the Powell River Peak where participant Thormot Mac Otter of Rushen was interviewed.

"All of the music is original to the period we are working in, but quite often it won't be particular to the instrument," said Kevin Wilson, deputy minister of arts and sciences at the SCA.

Just a small correction -

Just a small correction - we're not part of Vancouver :-) In fact Powell River is two ferry rides and a fair drive northwest up the coast. We are the Shire of False Isle, small but active, and with strong ties to Lions Gate (Vancouver and area), but most definitely ourselves, and the Broken Consort consists entirely of False Islers. We have 5 performers out of an active populace of about 20 people, plus several alumni who join us when they can.

Bard-in-a-box? Bah, I say! Bring on the minstrels!

Lord Thormot Mac Otter of Rushen
Shire Bard of False Isle
mka Kevin Wilson