Iron Rosebuds Discussion List Created

THL Grian Ruadh ingen Aed, Matriarch of House Ironrose, has announced the establishment of a new list for participants in Youth Combat called Iron Rosebuds.

Her Ladyship writes:

The future of the SCA's combative arts rests with its youngest members. In the same way that adult fighters benefit from the camaraderie of House Ironrose, so do our younger counterparts need the same support, especially young girls pursuing the arts of war.

This email is to announce the opening of the Iron Rosebuds mailing list, sponsored by the Youth Combat division of House Ironrose!

The list is exclusively intended for youth 9-17, girls and boys. Aside of the three adult staff members who admin the list, no other adults are permitted to subscribe or post. Message archives are not viewable to anyone outside the list, and the member roster is not viewable to anyone but the admin staff. Safety is of paramount importance.

If you meet the age criteria and wish to join the list, you will need to send in your own subscribe request. Subscribe requests from an adult on behalf of a young person will not be accepted. If you do not have your own email account, you may subscribe with a parent's or guardian's account, but you must clearly state this at the time of subscription.

All subscribe requests must be accompanied by the following information:

  • Your SCA Name
  • Your Legal Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Your SCA Branch of Residence
  • Your Age
  • and whether the email address you are using is your own or a parent's or guardian's.
  • Please also include your parent's or legal guardian's SCA Name (if they have one) and Legal Name.

This information will be held in strict confidence and will never be shared with anyone outside the list admin staff. For the safety of everyone on the list, we must have enough information be able to verify your identity and age at any time.

Subscribing is easy! Just send an email with the required information to:

Please send any questions to

Battle fortune!

HL Grian Ruadh ingen Aed
Matriarch, House Ironrose