Pennsic 35 Chirurgeon Activities

Jason Williams, Chairman, SCA Inc., has published this official announcement concerning Chirurgeonate activities at Pennsic 35.

Jason Williams writes:

The SCA's Board of Directors has received a number of inquiries regarding the status of the Chirurgeonate at Pennsic 35.

Due to a number of incidences, the Board was informed that the Pennsic Autocrat, late Saturday night, made the determination to have Chirurgeon's point operated by the EMS services on site. This decision was confirmed by the three Kingdom Seneschals from the East, Middle and Aethelmearc, and the Society Seneschal.

Northwest EMS services personnel are performing triage services, and clients that require first aid service are being sent to the first aid volunteers. Viscountess Kaellyn mac Dermott is the volunteer first aid coordinator. All Chirurgeons not involved in the incidents leading up to the decision have been invited to stay on as first aid providers under the management of Northwest EMS, and under the coordination of the volunteer first aid coordinator.

Although the Chirurgeonate is not running Pennsic War 35 first aid services, all warranted chirurgeons retain their status as officers of the SCA for the duration of their warrants. However, all organized chirurgeon activities must be coordinated with the on-site EMS provider for the remainder of Pennsic 35.

Jason Williams - Chairman, SCA, Inc.
(Duke John ap Gwyndaf, KSCA, OL)

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Publisher's note: This announcement was sent on August 15, but the staff were at Pennsic and had not been online to see the message. We apologize for the delay in posting.