EMS company given charge of Chirurgeon’s Point at Pennsic

At midnight on Saturday evening (August 12), the SCA Chirurgeonate at Pennsic 35 was informed that their duties were being assumed by a private EMS company, Northwest EMS.

The EMS company had already been on site through much of the event, as it is usual for SCA Chirurgeons to handle first-aid requests and for on-site EMS to be available for more serious emergencies. The reassignment of all duties from the Chirurgeonate to EMS is believed to be unprecedented, however.

This change affects only the Pennsic 35 event and not the SCA Chirurgeonate at large. No reason was given at the time by Pennsic officials as to why the change was made.

I find it disturbing that

I find it disturbing that the powers that be have not promulgated any reason for this fairly drastic action. I also hear through various sources that the Pennsic Independent is not so independent - that they've been required to submit all stories on this action to the Pennsic Mayor before publication or risk being told to cease and desist all publication activities. Is this true? No one can tell - evidently information on site and at large is hard to come by.

EMS/Chirurgeonate issue

There is more information available from the Mayor as of yesterday, including a longer public statement and also a public meeting held Wednesday afternoon. The hardcopy Pennsic Independent has reports on both, and it is my understanding that this will be online soon on their site, http://www.pennsicindependent.com/.

As for censorship of the Pennsic Independent, I will point out that there are all kinds of rumors circulating around right now, many of them false, and I would direct you to the publisher of the PI or to the Pennsic publicity officer for a definitive answer to that question. The only request to SCAtoday.net from the Pennsic staff was for correction of a minor typographical error, which we gladly did just as we would if one of our readers had pointed it out to us.


Disclaimer: I speak only for myself and not for any SCA or Pennsic officials.