Pax Axe

Friends and neighbors, you are cordially invited to frolic in play with us for a day of games and fun at a one day event for all the family. 10: a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Saturday, August 26, 2006
St. Louis King of France School Cafeteria (air-conditioned)
1600 Lake Ave.
Metairie, LA 70005

Knowest thou the most formidable methods to procure a triumph many times over in the gaming of Nine Man Morris? Then thou must valiantly battle all other pretenders to the title in thy quest to conquer each and every one in the final elimination tourney and strive to become the first Baronial Game Warden.

We call upon all the people of Axemoor and visitors from afar to bring forth thy best efforts in the field of Arts and Sciences. Bring into being thy best Nine Man Morris game board! Its materials matter naught save that thine own hands work it. More than one entry will bring forth an onslaught of envious whispers. All will praise thy works and thy reward will reflect that honor.

Continuous games throughout the day. Classes and activities abound. Time to do nothing also. Relax and enjoy a day of fun and games.

  1. A Pax Axe Puzzle scavenger hunt for adults and children
  2. Nine-man Morris live championship tournament
  3. Make beaded necklaces from scrap paper - THL Cristina
  4. The Origins & History of St. Bogdacious and interpretation of the tapestries class. Baroness Francesca da Trani
  5. Bring Your Veil or Head Gear and Practice How to Wear It. Martha of Effingham's Millinery Shop
  6. Everything You Wanted to Know About Rivets. L. Gellis Gunnarrsson
  7. Herbs for Household Use. Lady Gillian La Dyer
  8. Celtic Calligraphy in the Proper Century! Master Thorvald Ingvarrson
  9. Various hands on sewing and painting projects TBA.
  10. Board games and dice games of your choosing. Feel free to bring you own games to share with all.
  11. A&S Competition for best Nine Man Morris games board
  12. Making a Period Bow String. THL Dafydd ap Crusty

Being the height of Summer when most of us ladies start dawning our Chitons and things start going "Roman" I think it is very appropriate to have a Romanish feast. The food I will be preparing for your enjoyment will be Brisket with a period dry rub, Pomegranate Chicken on a bed of Saffron Rice, and a Venison Stew. I have several cookbooks on the subject of Roman/Mediterranean food and will be bringing them everywhere with me along with a notebook for anyone that would like to copy a recipe. I don't want anyone to feel limited, bring what you like but it would be nice to stick with a theme. If you do not bring a side item, we will still feed you, but a little groveling might be in hand. (THL Brigida Invarrsdottir - feastocrat)

Coffee and tea will be provided. You may bring your own beverage of choice.

The site is discretely dry. Meaning, be discrete but drink whatever you want!

A voluntary contribution/donation to cover costs of this event will be gratefully received at the door. Contribute only what you are able and welcome.

THL Cristina de Asturias, Autocrat
THL Brigida Invarrsdottir - Feastocrat

*From Northshore via Causeway - turn LEFT onto W. Esplanade Ave. Go to last traffic light at Lake Ave. Turn LEFT and go 5 blocks, St. Louis School in on your LEFT. *All others I-10 to Bonnabel, towards lake, turn RIGHT onto W. Esplanade, follow above directions. *For the savvy who want to take West End Blvd or Canal Blvd. To Robert E. Lee Blvd. Turn LEFT, cross over 17th St. Canal, and turn LEFT onto Lake Ave. Go 2 blocks to school. If you get lost, call someone with a cell phone! Location:
Axemoor (Metairie, Louisiana)