Pennsic Fools' Parade!

Feeling foolish? If so, join the rest of the performers, acrobats, musicians and other crazies for the annual Pennsic Fools' Parade Tuesday, August 15, 2006!

Sophia the Orange writes:

Pennsic Fools' Parade!
Tuesday, August 15th, 4:00pm, muster at the barn!

All Pennsic campers are encouraged to join in the merriment of the Annual Pennsic Fools' Parade as we march, dance, and wiggle our way through the streets of Pennsic! Come all jesters, jugglers, dancers, puppeteers, acrobats, musicians, and other certifiable nutcases! Come all wannabes, wanderers, homeless, and loveless wretches! Come Baron and King and Princess and Duke! Come anyone who wishes to engage thier inner fool among the company of fellows! Bring your noisemakers and your bouncy shoes, and prepare to spread the joy of wackiness!

All fools must attend the safety briefing that begins at 4:00pm at the barn. The safety rules are these:

  1. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a grown up who is responsible for them.
  2. No fool may touch another person without their consent. Fools may give consent to each other, but no consent may be sought from audience members. No Touchy!
  3. No throwing anything into the audience. If you wish to bring candy, you need to hand it out - no throwing.
  4. Anyone behaving unreasonably will be asked to leave. The judge of what is reasonable is the Fool In Charge, Sophia the Orange. There is no jury.

If we do not practice Safe Foolery, the Fools' Parade will be discontinued at Pennsic. So, show up sober and keep your head.

Questions can be directed to Sophia the Orange at until August 12th. After August 12th, Sophia is camped at "Spartii."

Please fwd this notice to any interested person or list.

Many thanks, Sophia the Orange