Gleann Abhann Regional Dance Practice

Anyone interested in learning dance, learning to teach dance or practice teaching dance is more than welcome to attend. Also, we welcome anyone with a reconstruction of a dance that they just cannot work through (or just need bodies for). We have a large tiled, skylight-lit, beautiful room for the entire day!

Regional Dance Practice!!
August 5, 2006
St Vincent's Hospital, Terrace Room
Little Rock, AR
From 9ish until 5ish

  • absolutely free
  • water, iced tea and morning coffee provided
  • food within a very easy distance (about 20 paces)
  • principal instructors: Lady Anne Renarde, Baroness Signy Gandalvsdottir, Meistres Julian ferch Rhys
  • most excellent organizer and provider of refreshments: THL Beth of Walnutvale

In the evening, we will be having a going-away party for Brighid and Rodrigo at the home of our baron and baroness. Location:
Barony of Small Grey Bear (Little Rock, Arkansas)