Gode Cookery Named "Premier Caterer" for the Alabama Rennaissance Fair

Master Hogge (formerly known as Huen) has announced that Gode Cookery has been named "Premiere Caterer" for the Alabama Rennaissance Fair and will present a Viking feast in Florence, Alabama a week before the Fair opens.

Master Hogge writes:

Gode Cookery has been named the "premier" caterer for the Alabama Rennaissance Fair. This year, 2006, marks our 6th annual feast prepared for them. The feast always takes place 1 week before the Fair, and is hosted by the town of Florence, AL. Tickets cost $20 and attendance is always at 200. This year the theme is a Viking Feast.

The menu is being composed based on this research by Jenn Strobel (click "original article" for details).

A Feast for the Viking Queen

1st Course
Sauce for Wayfaring Men (Red Onion Soup)
Brassicas (Marinated Cabbage Salad)

2nd Course
Fava Beans & Garlic
Fresh Berries
Chicken Hunters Style (Roast Chicken in a Wine Sauce)
White Mush (Bread Pudding)

Presentation of the Queen's Wafer

3rd Course
Parsleyed Carrots
Roasts in a Sauce for Lords (Beef Steak in a Cinnamon Sauce)
Baked Apples & Pears

4th Course
Almonds in a Pie (Almond Pudding Tarts)

The Bean King Ceremony

Alabama Ale (Sweet Tea)
Renn Wine (a pun on "Rhine Wine") (Lemon Water)