help me!!!!!!!!!!!! im completely new!!!!!!

hello brothers of the blade and sisters of the farm. i am a completely new member to the sca, and would like some help. first off, i am a youth, dont judge me. but i am already completely loyal to meridies, my kingdom, proof? look at my sig. anyway, i have some questions that id like answered. first, i am a extremely intrested in youth combat. i have practiced sword-play and archery for years, since i was a small boy, i am still a youth though! i grow tired of shooting targets with my bow and always hitting bullseye. i grow tired of cleaving bales of hay in half with one well aimed blow. i thirst for real combat. for a challenge. for real enemys. the question is, is youth combat rare? or does it happen in much festivals, such as the upcoming event beggars rebellion?i have trained double time sice i heard of im sorry, thats the only question. farewell, i take my leave.