Hairy Dogg Inn

Greetings lords and ladies fair and Hearken to these words I say. Ye Olde Buzzards Inn is open and under new management and is now known as The Hairy Dogg Inn, to be held at Sir Georg and Mistress Katarzina's home at 6424 Barclay Court, Anchorage, Ak.

Hairy Dogg Inn
Sept 23, 2006 AS XLI
Site opens 5:30pm-12:00 midnight
Site fee $6.00 for members (includes one bag coin)
$8.00 Non-members   Extra Coin $2.00

So Knights turn ye to knaves and Ladies let loose the brazenness and become the Wanton Wenches We know ye long to be. Twill be a furtastic time fur all. Several things of note for this years Inn: Fur is the item of sorts this year. So create ye items of fur to be seen or wear. But be forewarned…do as ye will but points will be deducted for items that leave a fuzzy taste to judges tongues.

Traditional contests will continue…Hone your skills for the Cutthroat Cribbage Tourney. Awards will be given for best snuffling in male and female categories. We are blessed with the continued patronage of the Frothy Cock Bar serving soups, meat pies, and Mistress Katarzina's bread pudding and cognac sauce. All at a top price of course.

At the end of the night a contest will be held for the best Hair of the Dogg recipe. Bring your best recipes for cures for a night misspent. Fuzzy Navel's Tattoo parlor will be available for patronage. There will also be a Mystery Fund Raising auction, bring your dollar bills as this is the only currency allowed in this auction… Once again Singles are the only denomination accepted for the auction no coins…

There will be a six dollar entry fee to grace the inn with your presence. This modest fee will purchase you a bag of coins to spend in the inn, additional coinage can be purchased for two dollars. All staff is open to bribes and negotiations.

Childcare can be arranged only in advance by contacting the Autocrats Lord Colin Jak Leslie and his Lady Isabel de la Hay. (Thom & Corey Chivers, put name in subject line).

Do not forget your singles!!!!! Auction of mystery!!!! Location:
Barony of Selviergard (Anchorage, Alaska)