Who's Afraid Beowulf 4: Hrafnafjordr Gone Wild!

It started as an idea and has grown into a legend. Alas, all good things come to an end. That's right, Oertha has a new prince and princess and as the summer wanes, it's time for "Who's Afraid of Beowulf 4!"

This will be the last installment of our saga. The great Hrafnafjordr Axe of Might has long carried the spirit of The Beast Grendel within it and has corrupted the shire's Champion. Now the call goes out to find a new hero, one who can defeat the old champion, now turned wicked, and lay waste to the spirit of Grendel himself, freeing the Shire from evil, once and for all....In addition to the championship tourney there will be contests aplenty to celebrate the Viking spirit in all of us including miniature Viking boat building (extra points for authenticity and if it is able to float and hold a small amount of weight), Viking booty call (fashion show) and a good old fashioned beserker contest.  As the evening winds down, come over Byfrost to Valhalla, where we will feast with those who died in honorable combat against the monster that day. Bring your own spirits and a good voice to the Bardic fire. This is the LAST BEOWULF!! Be there or be...uh... square! Lord Gunnar's duties call him elsewhere and he has passed the torch on to other shire folk.

Site info:
Site is the yard area of Laisorina and Gunnar's home*, 34860 Commerce St., Soldotna. Site opens at 5 pm on Friday, and closes at 5 pm on Sunday.
Site fee will be $6 for members, $9 for non-members, and children 15 and under will be free. The feast will be potluck; however, if your diet requires special foods, you will need to provide your own.

From the north: Take your best route to K-Beach Road (via Sterling Hwy. or Bridge Access). Take  K-Beach to Liberty (one block south of Poppy). Turn on Liberty, and then right onto Commerce Street. It is the only house on the right. The signs will be out.

*NOTE: The house is NOT part of the event. There will be a privy provided outdoors. There are no cooking facilities available - dishes must be prepared before arrival to the site. If your dish is a perishable one, please have the means to store it at your camp.

Autocrat info: Iuliana Ravenhair m.k.a Krystal Jones
iulianna_ravenhair@yahoo.com Location:
Shire of Hrafnafjordr (Soldotna, Alaska)