Mists Rapier Tourney and Salon

Come and join The Divines as we frolic amongst the trees in Scotts Valley on Aug. 12 at the Mists Rapier Tourney and Salon.

For non-fighters we have a theme: Come dressed as a 16th C Courtier masking as a Greek god. Costumes can be pretty simple: wear a chemise (with a bathing suit under it, perhaps, for modesty) and drape yourself with garlands. Use your imagination and have fun with the concept -- there's lots of art out there for inspiration (think Botecelli's Muses). :-) Hopefully such costumes will make not only for a fun event, but for a much cooler one as well. ;-)

We will have a challenge for fighter poems with greek mythological themes woven in, as well.

The gods/salon portion of this event is, for better or for worse, being pulled together as I write. If you'd like to get involved, *please* contact me, Genevieve, at tlwhyte@comcast.net Location:
Principality of the Mists (Scotts Valley, California)