Horseradish War V

It's time for Horseradish War again! This time we will fight and celebrate in the very heart of the Shire of Baerenau in the center of Berlin, where we welcome our friends and await our enemies, who will try to steal our just recaptured shrine again!!!

For the war we are planning: open field battles, a "steal the horseradish shrine" battle, a tourney and an A&S Competition. In the evening we will also have a torch light Rosetourney!  Our feast will be a big delicious barbeque!  Date: 8th to 10th September 2006  Site: The site is a former public pool area, so there are several showers for both genders.

tentstation, Seydlitzstr. 6, 10557 Berlin,

Site opens on Friday 17:00 and closes Sunday 14:00.

Restrictions: Fire must be off the ground. There is a parking lot for 40 cars which belongs to the site and countless others on the surrounding streets.

Costs:  Sitefee is 18 Euro per person. Children age 11 and less pay only for food! For food we charge 10 Euro (5 Euro for breakfast plus lunch on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday, and 5 Euro for feast).

For everybody coming on short notice, there is a possibility to rent a tent (for 3 people) from the tentstation, costs: 4 Euro.

Reservation: The site is limited to 80 people. Please send your reservation to!  

Autocrat: Swanhilde von Baerenau (Sandra Sieboth) and Anke die Baerenfaengerin (Anke Schlieker)  

Rerservationsteward: Ailitha de Ainwyk (Angela Nelk),

Thank you all! I hope to sea some of you at Horseradish War!
Yours in Service,
  Lady Ailitha de Ainwyk Location:
Shire of Baerenau (Berlin, Germany)