Tryggvy's War - Site Change

Tryggvy's War Has Moved ******Important information. Please read and help us get the word out by forwarding to local email lists. Due to a glitch with the site, Tryggvy's War has been moved to a new location.*****

Name: Cheadle Lake Park
Hwy 20 & Weirich Road
Lebanon, OR 97355

DIRECTIONS: Directions to Site: Following I-5 north or south go to Hwy 34 at exit 228 which is 4 miles south of Albany, OR. Head east toward Lebanon on Hwy 34. Proceed approximately 8 miles until you see the road signs indicating the truck route will split. Follow the right hand lane of Hwy 34 (the entire lane will exit) onto Denny School Road. Follow Denny School Road south and then east. It will become South Airport Road after a 90 degree sweeping left turn. Go on into Lebanon passing the Willamette Speedway, the Airport and the High School football field on the way. Follow the road until you get to the 2nd light (the last light) at the intersection with Main Street. Safeway and Taco Bell will be on the opposite side of the intersection. Turn right onto Main Street. Proceed south approximately 1.8 miles. You will pass the Super Walmart on your right. Once past the Super Walmart begin looking for Weirich Road on your left. It is across the highway from the Moose Lodge and surrounded by a Weyerhaeuser Lumber Yard on the left.

If coming from Eastern Oregon follow Hwy 20 across the Cascade Mountains to Sweet Home. Pass through Sweet Home and proceed to Lebanon on Hwy 20 for approximately 10.7 more miles. Look for Weirich Road on the right once you see the Moose Lodge on the left. There is a Weyerhaeuser lumber yard just short of the Moose Lodge and on the right side of the highway. Weirich Road is surrounded by that lumber yard. If you see the Super Walmart you have gone too far.

Follow the SCA signs into the site once on Weirich Road. It isn't far!.

Site opens at 12pm on Friday, July 28, 2006 and closes at 2pm on Sunday, July 30th, 2006.

Camping site fee: Adult $12, Youth (3-17) $8, under 3 Free. Daytrip site fee: Adult and youth $8.00. Under 3 free. Make checks payable to: SCA Inc - Barony of Three Mountains.

Autocrat: Tryggvy Landstaker (Dan Christensen)

Autocrat deput: Bodiccea (Shelly Casson)

Supervising Autocrat: Baroness Khalja khorkhoi (Lara Baker-Olin)

This event is hosted by the great people of the Barony of Three Mountains

Dates and Times:
Merchant Early Open 3:00 pm, Thursday July 27th, 2006
Early Merchant Open 10:00 am, Friday, July 28th, 2006
General Site Opens 12:00 pm, Friday, July 28th, 2006
General Site Closes 3:00 pm, Sunday, July 30th, 2006
Merchant Site Closed 3:30 pm, Sunday July 30th, 2006 Location:
Barony of Three Mountains (Lebanon, Oregon)