Goldihat and the Three Peers

Maister Iago ab Adam of the Barony of Seagirt in Victoria, British Columbia, has written a humorous look at SCA peerages entitled Goldihat and the Three Peers.

Posted on, the fairy tale begins:

Once upon a time there were three Peers: a Birdy Peer, a Shrubby Peer, and a Chivy Peer.

One morning Shrubby Peer and Chivy Peer awoke to find that Birdy Peer had stayed up all night preparing an elaborate breakfast of porridge. They all sat down to eat.

"This porridge, which I stayed up all night preparing, is too hot," said the Birdy Peer.

"Porridge would not have been served at this temperature in period," said the Shrubby Peer.

"Ow," said the Chivy Peer.

Find out how the story ends by visiting the website.