Brewing Laurel finds niche in modern-world beer marketplace

Mistress Lina von Wissen, mka Leigh Nogy, turned to the SCA when she wanted to learn brewing methods and eventually became a Laurel in brewing. Now she applies her talents in the modern world, and she is starting a business to brew gluten-free beer. An article in The Morning News tells her story.

Lina's family owned a beer garden in Germany many years ago, which sparked her interest in the art and science of brewing. When an acquaintance, one of approximately 3 million Americans with celiac disease (gluten intolerance), approached her about making gluten-free beer, Lina found research sources in the SCA. Now she is seeking investors to start a microbrewery dedicated to producing a line of gluten-free beers for this largely-untapped (pun intended!) market.