Janet Arnold Award Provides Research Funds for Costumers

The Society of Antiquaries of London sponsors yearly awards of up to UK£4000 "to further in-depth study of Western dress." The Janet Arnold Award is presented in honor of the historical costume expert who died in 1998.

The award was established by Janet Arnold herself to assure that funds would be available for in depth, original research in the field of historical clothing. According to the website:

"Janet Arnold (1932 - 1998) made provision for the establishment of this award in order to further in-depth study of Western dress. Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they wish to pursue a particular piece of original research based on items of dress or their remains, with a view to eventually disseminating knowledge gained with the award through publication, display, cataloguing, teaching or through practical use in conservation or accurate reproduction. The amount of money for distribution in any one year will not exceed £4000."

For more information or applications, visit the website.