Lady Brianna MacBain Elevated to the Order of the Laurel for Falconry

Lady Brianna MacBain, Royal Falconer to King Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon of the East Kingdom, was elevated to the Order of the Laurel for her skill and teaching of the arts of falconry at the East Kingdom's Southern Region War Camp on Saturday, July 22, AS 41.

Brianna was accompanied by her red tailed hawk, Clarice, and her family, into court - her Laird, Jamie MacBain and her children, Ceilidh and Ian. Clarice sat on King Brion's arm during the elevation, very well behaved.

Brianna was spoken for by Viscount Sir Edward Zifrans of Gendy for the chivalry, by Baron Master Ian Mitchell of Clan Mitchell for the Pelican, and by Baroness Mistress Katherine Gillesfleur, her Laurel. But it was the speech by Duquessa Isabella of York for the Ladies of the Rose that brought tears to the eyes of all at court, since she spoke not only of Brianna's worthiness, but also of the bravery of the lady and her hawk, Clarice, sitting there on the king's arm.

On the Wednesday just past, Brianna came home and found that her mews had been broken into and that Clarice was missing. After frantic calls to the police she was able to track Clarice into the woods near her home and call the frightened bird to her. Clarice had gotten away from the people who had tried to abduct her, but was stuck up in a tree with her jesses and leash still attached, with crows all around. Brianna threw stones to chase the crows away and coaxed the bird to her. Clarice came through the ordeal unscathed, save for a bent tail feather that Brianna mended quickly. Through email we all shared the harrowing tale, and our prayers and hopes went out to both of them.

Mistress Brianna is thrilled at the elevation, and hopes to continue teaching the arts of falconry, as well as her other skills in medieval gardening.

Brianna's Elevation

Thank you to all who helped, supported, inspired and guided me on this journey. You have truly lifted me to new heights.-Brianna