Pennsic "Fight for Kids" 2007

Freiman the Minstrel is in the process of organizing a Fight For Kids at Pennsic 2007 heavy fighters' tournament for Pennsic XXXVI and is looking for volunteers to help with the project.

Freiman the Minstrel writes:

There is going to be a Fight For Kids at Pennsic 2007. This time, I want to open it up to all Heavy Fighters that want to participate, and I have a better idea of how the mechanics of the process will work.

This was the finest thing that I have ever done. It makes you walk a lot taller, and it makes you feel like you are making a real contribution. I have also decided that each Fighter that participates will be called (for purposes of the Fight For Kids) a "Champion".

The process will end up declaring three "winners". The first (and the greatest) will be the Champion who raises the most money for thier charity. This is all about doing good things in the regular world, rather than just for the society. The second will be the Champion who wins the highest percentage of thier fights. The third will be the Champion who is voted by his or her peers as the one who did it with the most style.

I still haven't come up with proper "titles" for each of the three winning champions. Perhaps they should be the Champions of Virtue, Might and Gallantry. I don't know.

The three biggest problems with last years' Fight For Kids were that 1) I was working in "long distance mode" being much, much less concerned with winning fights than lasting for the full thousand fights, 2) There were frequent complaints that there wasn't the correct amount of Pomp and Cermony involved, and 3) Many of the sponsors were unable to contribute thier pledges after the Fight For Kids was over.

I think that this format will go part of the way to solving those problems.

I have found that the local VFW is willing to handle the paperwork aspect of the Fight For Kids on my end. Good paperwork folks are essential, and it is a little too much for one person.

What I need to find now is;

  1. A Lawyer. This needs to be a fully legal registered charity organization. they either have to work pro bono or really cheap. One of the rules from last year (and I think it's a good one) is that none of the donations be used to cover operating expenses. This avoids a lot of bad things that could happen.
  2. A board of governors made up of nosy, intrusive folks who can make sure (and demonstrate to the public) that everything is on the up and up. Regular, non-interupted internet access is essential. Accounting and charity experience are a plus. Experience dealing with the press are a plus. Demonstrated, uncontestable good character is absolutely essential. Since it's my baby, I would like to have a seat on the board the first year. If this works out, it will take on a life of it's own, and I wont have to watch it after the first year.
  3. Champions. This means folks who really, really want to do this. Fighting a thousand fights in the August sun is not for everybody. It's tough, even when you stack the deck to help you make it through. I would ideally like to have a hundred folks sign up for starters, because the real world has a way of getting in the way.

Each champion would pick their charity (or charities) ahead of time. I would like it if each charity was non-sexist, non-racist, non-political and non-sectarian, but this might be impossible. A battered women's shelter might not be "non-sexist", but would definitely need to be included. An inner city catholic food bank isn't non-sectarian, but it needs to be included.

Champions will be responsible for lining up thier own sponsors, and It might be a good thing if they always made it clear that other champions were fighting for other charities. This way, everybody benefits from everybody's press work. This makes the Society (and the Fight For Kids) look good as a whole.

The choice of charity is a danger spot. If just one guy decides they want to fight for an "operation stormfront" related organization or "the Antioch baptist church building fund" (just made that one up), this will quickly discredit every champion fighting for every charity in every fight for kids held from here to eternity.

More later, but this is what I have so far. What do you think? Please email comments to

If you feel it is warranted, please cross post this as necessary.

freiman the minstrel