Pennsic Volunteers Needed

We need YOU to help at the War!! Want to help, but don't know where to start, or what area needs the most assistance? We have the answers for you!

  • Do you want to meet new people, see Pennsic, and be a vital part of Pennsic life?
  • Do you love fighting, shopping, classes or other activities, but want to also actively contribute?
  • Does your household or local group want to give back to help make Pennsic the grand place it is?

The following departments need volunteers (typically two-hour shifts):

  • Volunteer Services
  • Pennsic University and Arts & Sciences Classes
  • University Grounds crews
  • Performing Arts
  • Battlefield & Waterbearers
  • Chirurgeons Point
  • Herald's Point
  • Disabilities Services
  • Public Safety

These are just some of the areas that need assistance - contact us and come see us at Information Point at Pennsic for more info!!

Please email Lord Chimbai at or call 410-488-6797 for more details!